Girls collect for Food Bank

The Stittsville Food Bank is benefitting from the effort of four Stittsville girls. Wanting to help out some charitable organization, the friends decided that a food drive for the Stittsville Food Bank in their neighbourhood would be a good way to help out others. So, for about a week, they canvassed homes in their Granite Ridge neighbourhood in Stittsville, going door to door seeking donations of food for the Food Bank.

They found that homeowners were nice to them, even if they had nothing to give. Many of these promised to give something another time. Initially they carried around a bag in which to collect the food items. But the bag soon became heavy and so they began using a little blue cart in which to collect the food items.

All in all, the four girls collected 145 food items for the Stittsville Food Bank, covering a wide spectrum of food such as beans, soup, pasta, vegetables, sea food and sauces.

The four girls who thought up the idea of a food drive and then under took it are Sophia Skrok, age eight years old; Jayden Clark and Tiana Michalska, both nine years old; and Amal Abed who is ten years old.

Jan Michalski, Tiana’s father, pointed out that the four girls had an idea to do something to help out and came up with this idea of a neighbourhood food drive for the Stittsville Food Bank and then they went ahead and carried it out.

Source: Ottawa Community News
Photograph and Article by John Curry, Metroland